Thank you for all of your support!

The founders and directors of the Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation wish to thank everyone who has helped build, support, and contribute to a beautiful mission.

This foundation was created after the untimely passing of Stephanie Cadet in 2005. Steph inspired countless people with her courageous battle with heart disease and her devotion to her disabled son Charles-Andre, her daughter Mia, husband Ron, sister Deborah and a large contingency of family and friends.

Lovingly operated in her wake by a volunteer board, the Foundation sent over 25 students to college, many of whom who have gone on to careers in medicine, law, engineering, and public service.

After over 10 years of conducting its mission, the board elected to fold its efforts into the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, an organization which imbues the same type of values the Foundation espoused in its mission. In a transition beginning a few years ago, in December of 2017, the Foundation has completed its active operations.

About the Foundation

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation was created by Stephanie’s family and friends following her untimely passing from a heart condition in July 2005. Stephanie was a delightful and devoted mother of two, an accomplished software sales executive, and a committed volunteer. Stephanie strongly believed in the virtue of volunteering to serve her communities and fellow citizens. In addition to the volunteer work that she performed, Stephanie had plans to establish funds and community services to enhance and enrich others and to help ensure a more fair and equitable society. For more information about Stephanie’s inspiring example, please see “Steph’s Story“.