About The Fund

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Federal Tax ID: 20-4738660


We will not be accepting scholarship applications for the 2017-18 year. Our Board of Directors assessing our future direction. Please check back later for updates.

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation Scholarship awards up to $1,000 each year (renewable for up to four years) to students that are exemplary in volunteering time in community service.

The size of the Scholarship Award is intended to provide a portion of the resources necessary to meet the expense of a college education; yet be substantial enough to help create an incentive for students to make the conscious decision to donate their time.

Read more about the Scholarship Program.

About the Foundation

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation was created by Stephanie’s family and friends following her untimely passing from a heart condition in July 2005. Stephanie was a delightful and devoted mother of two, an accomplished software sales executive, and a committed volunteer. Stephanie strongly believed in the virtue of volunteering to serve her communities and fellow citizens. In addition to the volunteer work that she performed, Stephanie had plans to establish funds and community services to enhance and enrich others and to help ensure a more fair and equitable society. This foundation was created to realize her intentions and advance her legacy. For more information about Stephanie’s inspiring example, please see “Steph’s Story“.

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Scholarship Program

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Scholarship Program is the Foundation’s inaugural program. In keeping with Stephanie’s passion, this scholarship awards students who are exemplary in volunteering their time to their community in service. Scholarship and Recognition Award winners are chosen by the SBC Memorial Foundation Scholarship Committee each year and will receive awards applicable to any university level school of their choosing. At present, scholarship winners are chosen from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. For complete information on the scholarship program, please see our Scholarship Program section…