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About the SBC Memorial Foundation

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation was co-founded by her surviving Ron and sister Deborah, along with friends and family members in the wake of her untimely passing in July of 2005. Stephanie was a devoted mother of two, an accomplished software sales executive, and a committed volunteer. She often spoke of being her “brother’s keeper.” To that end, she appreciated that young people needed to participate in making their communities a better place to live. Stephanie had plans to establish funds and community services to enhance and enrich others and to help ensure a more fair and equitable society. This Foundation was created to realize her intentions and advance her legacy.


Scholarship Award. Consistent with Stephanie’s demonstrated passion- service, the Foundation has created the Stephanie Cadet Scholarship Award. During each academic year, the Foundation will award a number of $1,000 Scholarships and $500 Recognition Awards to Bay Area high school and college students with demonstrated commitment to volunteerism. Details

Future Programs. Beyond supporting community service, the Foundation expects to promote, support, and establish centers for community activity, with meeting space, educational programs, and performance stages; to advance matters of civil contribution and involvement; medical research, to study and advance cures to relieve human suffering, especially in the areas of heart disease and cardiopulmonary disorders; educational innovation, to advance the adoption and effectiveness of educational practices in populations that fall behind national norms.


To raise funds for its programs, The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation will hold a number of fundraising campaigns during the calendar year. All outreach and services will be directly correlated to the amount of revenues generated during the preceding fundraising cycle.


In April of 2006 the Foundation was formally organized as a California Nonprofit Charitable Corporation, and received its Federal certification from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization in early 2007. The Foundation’s Federal tax id is: 20-4738660.

Foundation Administration

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors, consisting of professionals with backgrounds in law, engineering, business management, and education. The Board regularly seeks and receives counsel from advisers expert in critical areas of the Foundation’s sphere of operations.

About the Scholarship Award Program