Donation Info

Donation Info

Thank you for considering supporting the Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation with your donation. Your donation will go towards funding charitable programs including our inaugural program, The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Scholarship Award.

The Scholarship Award and the Foundation both operate to conduct philanthropic activities to foster the commitment of people to increase their community involvement, with the ultimate goal of creating a more civil, humane, and more enriching society.

Tax Status and Your Donation

This Foundation was founded upon our namesake Stephanie Brown Cadet‘s departure in July of 2005. The Foundation is fully organized and certified by the State of California as a nonprofit corporation, and has received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation.  This designation is the vehicle by which your donation is fully tax deductible under the law. Our Federal tax ID is: 20-4738660.

Please feel free to contact to address any questions or suggestions.

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Donation are also welcome by check (Payable to “SBC Memorial Foundation). Please send to:

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