Scholarship Program

The SBC Memorial Scholarship Award Program

We will not be accepting scholarship applications for the 2017-18 year. Our Board of Directors assessing our future direction. Please check back later for updates.

The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation Scholarship awards up to $1,000 each year (renewable for up to four years) to students that are exemplary in volunteering time in community service.

The size of the Scholarship Award is intended to provide a portion of the resources necessary to meet the expense of a college education; yet be substantial enough to help create an incentive for students to make the conscious decision to donate their time.




  • Graduating High School seniors or college students who are in good standing
  • Significant number of volunteer hours in community service within the last 18 months
  • Grade point average of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale
  • Attending a US 2 or 4 year academic, vocational or technical college during the upcoming Academic year
  • Resident of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

In addition, the Foundation implements an outreach component to its efforts to better realize Ms. Cadet’s concerns for meeting the needs of underserved and under-performing segments of the population.

Selection Process

  • Application Phase: Applications are received by the Foundation Scholarship Committee. Applications are reviewed and scored on the following qualities:
    • Impact of Applicant’s volunteer work on self and on community
    • Recommendation by Volunteer Organization
    • Number of hours worked
    • GPA Score
    • Overall impact of application on committee
  • Interview Phase: Based on the results of the Application Phase above, a number of Finalists are selected and invited to interview with the Foundation Scholarship Committee. Finalists are interviewed and scored on a number of subjective qualities such as (but not necessarily):
    • Committment to continued volunteerism
    • Career and life aspirations
    • Ability to help advance a civil society
    • “Stephiness” — A purely subjective assessment of the Finalist’s compatibility with the namesake’s philosophies. For more on Stephanie, check out her story.
  • Selection Phase: After the Finalists complete their interviews, the Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews the finalists’ responses and a number of Awardees are chosen. Awardees fall into two categories:
    • Four-year Scholarship Winners: These Awardees receive a $1,000 award, renewable for a total of 4 years with continued volunteer work.
    • Recognition Awardees: These Awardees receive a one-time $500 award.

Applicants for the Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Scholarship Award are strongly encouraged to review the philosophies found throughout this Web site and to review the stories of our past winners. But above all, applicants are encouraged to tell their own life stories, and to be themselves. Above all, the Foundation seeks to identify and reward individuals with unique and sincere life experiences and contributions. Our Awardees’ stories speak for them much more than scores and numbers!

Fundraising Methodology

Every year, the Foundation conducts a seasonal, four phase cycle as follows:

  1. Late Summer: A Scholarship Benefit Gala to leverage Bay Area regional support;
  2. Late Autumn: A Direct Mail, Year-end campaign to leverage national support;
  3. Winter: Setting of award sizes and criteria based on preceding fundraising phases, solicitation of applicants;
  4. Spring: Review of applications, interview process, selection of awardee(s).

The cycle then begins again with the presentation of the awardees at the next Benefit Gala.

Fundraising Campaigns